Mibex Software's 2023 Review - A Decade of Innovation


The Mibex Software team

Dec 21, 2023

As we celebrate a decade of innovation at Mibex Software, we're excited to share our journey through 2023, a year marked by groundbreaking advancements and engaging community events. Here's a look back at the highlights that shaped this special year for us.

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

2023 stands out as we commemorate the 10th anniversary of Mibex Software.This milestone reflects our commitment to excellence and the incredible support of our team and community.


Developer Productivity Highlights

Our focus this year was on enhancing developer productivity with several significant updates:

Code Owners for Bitbucket:

  • In the face of prolonged pull request durations, the risk of delayed customer feedback and persistent merge conflicts from longer-lived branches is a significant concern. To address this, we're adding the branching strategy Ship/Show/Ask. This approach combines the benefits of swift feature deployment with the collaborative aspects of pull requests. Our DevSensei Auto-Merge feature, integrated into Code Owners, leverages this strategy to enhance overall productivity. With Ship/Show/Ask, you can rapidly deploy low-risk changes (SHIP), showcase intriguing updates to colleagues (SHOW), and solicit feedback as needed (ASK).


  • We've introduced Draft PRs to facilitate the early initiation of pull requests, even when they are still in a work-in-progress state. This feature enables you to start discussions with your team members sooner, fostering early engagement and collaboration.

  • Our new feature, Random Assignment, is designed to streamline the review process. By reducing the number of Code Owners automatically assigned to each pull request, it minimizes notifications and alleviates reviewer fatigue, leading to a more efficient workflow.

Code Review Assistant for Bitbucket:

To ease the workload of Pull Request Authors, we now support AI-generated Pull Request Titles and Description. This feature lessens the cognitive burden when opening a Pull Request. Furthermore, reviewers can interact directly with Large Language Models (LLMs) within the pull request interface, posing questions about the code, such as identifying potential security issues.


Pull Request Checklist Buddy for Bitbucket:

  • We've introduced new checklist filters, e.g. to allow file-specific checklists like --put-on-files RELEASESNOTES.md +task+ Release notes updated with new features? and commit filters to only add checklists for matching commits: --commit-title [WIP] +task+ Clean up commits before merging

  • Enhancing the utility of checklists, we added shareable checklists for Bitbucket projects to allow sharing checklists across repositories.


Security and Technical Documentation Enhancements

Security: Include Dependency for Bamboo DC: A new addition to our security offerings, enhancing the security and dependency management in software development. Learn More


Technical Documentation: Expansion of support for GitHub Enterprise and GitLab Self-Managed Instances, alongside additional file type support for the Include Family. GitHub Enterprise Support | GitLab Self-Managed Support| Include Family File Types


Workshops and Webinars

AI in Code Reviews: The Goods, the Bads, and Lessons Learned

An in-depth exploration into the benefits and challenges of AI in code reviews, which we also brought to Codegeist 2023 and AtlasCamp Copenhagen 2023


Code Reviews and Compliance: Code Ownership for the Win

A session focusing on the significance of code ownership in ensuring compliance during reviews.


GreaTest Quality Conference

We had the privilege of being a sponsor at the GreatTest Conference. During this event, we conducted a series of engaging workshops focused on the Code Review Journey, where participants had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies and best practices of code review.


AtlasCamp Workshop Success

🎉 Triumph at AtlasCamp Workshop in Copenhagen 🎉

1st Place for AI Code Review Assistant Our innovative app clinched the top spot, highlighting our expertise in AI integration.

AI Integration Insights: Detailed exploration of ChatGPT integration for optimal app performance, including cost management and security considerations.


Forward into the Future

As we look back on 2023, we're filled with pride for our achievements and gratitude towards our community. The past decade has been a remarkable journey, and we're excited to embark on the next chapter of innovation and success. Stay tuned for more advancements as we continue to redefine the boundaries of software development.

Warm regards,

The Mibex Software Team