Mibex Software Spring News 2018

by Michael

April 23, 2018

Welcome to our first newsletter in 2018! We like to share some exciting app news and also introduce two new apps:
Code Owners for Bitbucket Server and Create Branch Wizard for Bitbucket Server.

Besides, we also have new features available for some of our existing apps like Sonar for Bitbucket Server , Issue Creator for Bitbucket Server and Plan DSL for Bamboo which might be interesting for you.

Happy hacking,

Your Mibex Software team

NEW: Code Owners for Bitbucket Server

Code Owners for Bitbucket

Enforce pull request reviewers with code owners with our new app Code Owners for Bitbucket Server. Code owners are team members with specialized knowledge about an area of your code base. Configure which files should be reviewed by which code owners by creating a CODEOWNERS file and our app will add them automatically as reviewers to every pull request that changes one of these files.

NEW: Create Branch Wizard for Bitbucket Server

Create Branch Wizard for Bitbucket

Our new app Create Branch Wizard for Bitbucket Server prevents your team members from creating a branch in the wrong repository by automatically selecting the right repository when creating a branch from Jira.

Additionally, you can configure which branch type and base branch should be used for which Jira issue type. When creating a branch from Jira, all these values are auto-filled by our app which makes creating branches easy and lets you enforce your branching policies.

UPDATE: Sonar for Bitbucket Server: new branching support and incremental mode

Sonar for Bitbucket

With the latest major release of Sonar for Bitbucket Server , we now support the new branch feature of SonarQube 6.7 LTS. Read more

We now also support the incremental analysis of your pull requests. This means that by only analyzing the new and changed files of your pull request, you can gain significant performance improvements when analyzing your pull requests. Read more

UPDATE: Issue Creator for Bitbucket Server: create Jira issues from selected code snippets

Our latest feature addition allows you to create stable links to source code snippets when creating a Jira issue from Bitbucket Server. Read more

UPDATE: Plan DSL for Bamboo: use Groovy code to maintain your Bamboo instance

With our app Plan DSL for Bamboo , you can not only configure your Bamboo plans and deployment projects with a Groovy-based DSL or YAML, but you can also administrate your Bamboo instance with Groovy by using the exported Bamboo API. E.g., the next time you need to replace a task in all your build plans, you can now use our app.