Mibex Software Summer News 2018

by Michael

August 10, 2018

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter 2018! We like to share some exciting app news regarding Sonar for Bitbucket Server , Sonar for Bamboo and Repository Templates for Bitbucket Server which might be interesting for you.

Happy hacking,

Your Mibex Software team

Sonar for Bitbucket Server 2.0

With the release of version 2.0 of the app, we have introduced lots of new features:

More issue edit options: now you can do the most important issue-related actions like changing the assignee, adding tags, etc. in the pull request with our app.

Quality gate status in pull request and branches list: the app now shows the state of the SonarQube quality gate in places where a Git branch status is visible, like e.g. in the pull request and branch lists so that you are always aware of the latest quality status of your branches.

Option to use user tokens instead of general Sonar account: so far, the app required the credentials of a global SonarQube user which was used by all actions of the app. This logic didn’t reflect the actual user who triggered the activities such as changing the issue status to "resolved" in the SonarQube history. With the new app version, users can now configure their SonarQube user tokens, so that all actions run under the account of the currently logged-in Bitbucket user. New filter to only show issues of the current user: in the issue overview dialog, you now have a filter to only see the issues assigned to you. Showing Sonar info in the source view: beside showing Sonar information like issues, coverage etc. in pull request diffs, the app can now also show them in the Bitbucket source view. and more - please check the release notes !

We are excited about the new major version of our app and hope that you like it.

Sonar for Bamboo 2.0

Sonar for Bamboo is used by thousands of teams worldwide to analyze their projects with SonarQube. In the last couple of months, we have introduced many important features like the support for incremental analysis (gets you from hours to minutes for analyzing large projects), support for the new SonarQube branch plug-in, improved MSBuild support and much more.

We are committed to support this app long-term. To be able to add highly requested features like the support for the .NET Core SonarQube scanner, to provide first-class customer support, up-to-date documentation and to ship bug fixes quickly, we need to be able to justify our resources to the app.

Therefore, from version 2.0 onwards, Sonar for Bamboo is a paid app. We are excited about the future of this app and hope you are as well!

Repository Templates 3.0

With the release of version 3.0 of the app, we introduce global templates. With global templates, you can now configure templates that can be applied in all your projects like e.g. a "Spring Boot" or a "Ruby on Rails" template.

When creating a new repository, a user can now select one of these templates and all of its content is mirrored to the new repository, allowing you to get started quickly with all you need (e.g., README.md, LICENSE.txt, etc.). Of course, it is still possible to use project-specific templates for use cases where a template only makes sense within a specific project.

We hope your team likes the new feature and can save valuable time with it!