Pull Request Analytics - Slack reminders for pull requests

by Justin

August 18, 2020

Minimizing the cycle time of your team's pull requests can reduce merge conflicts, improve the quality of code reviews, and ensure code is in a deliverable state when deadlines are approaching.

As a reviewer, constantly refreshing the list of open pull requests and searching for them requiring further actions by you can be time consuming. Finding the most urgent of these is even more frustrating, if not impossible.

As the author of a pull request, you should not need to repeatedly check if the pull request is approved and ready to merge - or if it requires some other action on your part.

There is a better way, where the most urgent pull requests requiring your attention are automatically presented to you.

Slack reminders for Pull Request Analytics

Pull Request Analytics for Bitbucket allows you to set automated daily reminders for pull requests requiring your personal attention. Regardless of whether you are the author of a pull request that is ready to be merged, or the final reviewer of a long-standing pull request, if the pull request is connected to you, the information most personally relevant is delivered via Slack.

Pull Request Analytics also provides you with due dates on pull requests which allows you to configure a merge deadline.

At the moment, Pull Request Analytics offers two reminder types:

  • Due date reminders provide a due date-sorted list of pull requests where you are the author or reviewer. See the current state or the specific action required of you to advance the state of the pull request.
  • Review reminders provide an age-sorted list of pull requests awaiting your review.

Do you need another type of reminder? Please let us know , we may add in a future release!

Repository and personal level reminders

  • As an administrator, set repository-level reminders for the entire team.
  • As an individual in a team, set reminders for pull requests requiring your personal attention. Reminders are sent daily, and if a real-time status update is needed PRA offers Slack slash commands: /pra due and /pra review

Through daily pull request reminders, Pull Request Analytics establishes a regular pattern of code review within your team.

Try Pull Request Analytics with Slack reminders today!