Retirement of Plan DSL for Bamboo

by Michael

June 23, 2021

After much thought, we have decided to retire our app Plan DSL for Bamboo by 1 Jul 2022.

Plan DSL for Bamboo was first presented at AtlasCamp Barcelona and was published in 2016, at a time where there was no Configuration as Code solution for Atlassian Bamboo.

Over the years, Bamboo introduced Java Specs and later YAML support. Because this is a proven solution to make configuration of Bamboo plans both easier and more maintainable, and because it is built-in to Bamboo, it is hard for us to justify any new development efforts.

Therefore, we have decided to retire the app by 1 Jul 2022.

What does that mean for our existing customers?

  • Current customers keep the right for the terms of any maintenance they have already purchased.
  • By 1 Jul 2022, our app will be archived on the Atlassian Marketplace. This means new licenses and renewals cannot be purchased anymore.
  • We recommend that you migrate to Bamboo Specs over the next months. Below we collected some instructions on how to accomplish this.

How to migrate to Bamboo Specs? We do not provide an automatic migration from Plan DSL to Bamboo Specs. We recommend that you export your plans to Java Specs, and tweak them if necessary. To get all Java Specs for all plans of a project, and export them to Java files, you can use the shell script provided here.

Let us know in case you have any questions. We're glad to help.

Thanks to all customers who enjoyed using this app.