One-to-One Analytics for Confluence

Bring your One-to-Ones to a new level with data-driven insights

One-to-One Analytics for Confluence provides KPIs like the pull request lead time for continuous improvement within 1:1 meetings.

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Some KPIs the app offers giving more insights for continuous improvement in your 1-to-1:

  • Time To Open

    The time from the first commit to pull request creation. Working too long in isolation prevents you from getting early feedback from your peers, so it is important to reduce this time span.

  • Lead Time

    The time from opening until merging a pull request. When the time for this is minimized, you reduce the risk of merge conflicts and can collect feedback from your customers much earlier.

  • Pull Request Size

    Small pull requests are faster and easier to review, which helps to motivate reviewers and improves the quality of feedback.

  • # Merges without reviewers

    Includes those pull requests not reviewed before merging. We believe in team work. It is a good thing to have another pair of eyes on your work.