No More Secrets for Jira

Keeping your Jira issues safe from secrets.

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  • Detect potential secrets in Jira issues

    Protects Jira issues by detecting secret credentials like access tokens, API keys, personal IDs, credit numbers and more. Over 40 secret type patterns used to ensure optimum security coverage.

    Secrets detected in Jira

  • Scan attachment & comment content for secrets

    Secures your attachments and comments by thoroughly scanning them for secrets. Get that peace of mind that all elements in a Jira issue are reviewed.

    Secrets in Jira issue attachment detected

  • Get notified when new secrets are detected

    Notifies via an email when a new issue, new comment or new attachment is added that includes secrets. It does not stop at detecting secrets, it wants to notify you so remediation action is taken.

    Get notified when new Jira secrets are detected

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