Pull Request Analytics for Bitbucket

Actionable Insights for Teams

Pull Request Analytics helps teams to improve their pull request workflow and to reduce their cycle time.

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Main Features

Pull request workflow statistics

Various statistics to visualize your team's pull request workflow, e.g. see which repositories and their pull requests have long cycle times or large lines of code.

Sprint retrospective summary

Reports with configurable time periods to gain insights into how pull request collaboration was done in your team during the last sprint and how it can be improved for future sprints.

Pull Request Analytics: Actionable insights for teams

Helps your team to get the most out of pull requests and to ship better software in time.
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Pull request thresholds

Configure thresholds for metrics like pull request size or cycle time so that your team can define goals to improve their workflow.

Slack integration for reminders

Get reminders for pull requests that need action so they can be reviewed and merged in time for the next sprint.

A global list of all open pull requests

Find the right pull request to tackle next with a global list of all open pull requests that can be filtered by various criteria like used programming language, due date of pull request, size of changes, if tests exist, etc.