Profit from our year's of experience with integrations and apps in the Dev Tools and DevOps space by using our Services.

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Software Development Workflow Consultancy

Do you have questions on how to make optimal use of Dev Tools within your organization? Are you looking to automate your Software Development Lifecycle but don't know where to start? Talk to us!

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    Use our free Dev Tools Health Check to get tips in how to make the best use of your Dev Tools and how to improve your development workflow.

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Custom App Development

In the last years we developed over 20 apps for Atlassian and Github products where we focused mainly on integrations of external applications and statistic-based productivity tools.
With our experience, we can help you to integrate your external systems into your Dev Tools, and improve your development workflows with custom apps.

  • Showcase #1: "Using custom field values for branch creation"

    A customer was in need to have the branch name set from a custom field of the JIRA issue the branch was created from in Bitbucket Server’s create branch dialog. We developed a Bitbucket Server app that gets the custom field content over the application link from JIRA, intercepted the create branch dialog and filled in the branch name from the custom field value.

  • Showcase #2: "SMS incident notifications for Bamboo"

    A customer relied on SMS for all its operation incident alerts. The customer used Bamboo as its CI system. The operations team should get notified immediately when a build was hung or when timeouts occurred. We developed a new notification recipient type for Bamboo that uses their internal SMS backbone to send SMS notifications for various Bamboo event types.