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We provide solutions for Atlassian's development tools that empower teams to ship better software faster.

Our Solutions

  • Code Reviews

    Code Reviews

    Improve the quality of your software with our code review tools.

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  • Code Insights

    Code Insights

    Get deep insights into your development workflows and learn how to improve them with our code insights tools.

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  • Knowledge Sharing

    Knowledge Sharing

    Share knowledge across Atlassian products to prevent information duplication and integrate content from other systems into Atlassian products with our knowledge sharing tools.

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  • Automation


    Save time and prevent errors with configuration as code and standardized development workflows for your CI and SCM systems with our automation tools.

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Open Source Software

Open source software plays a major role how we develop our products. We therefore see it as a matter of course to give the same effort back to our community by creating free, useful and easy-to-use tools.

What Our Customers Say

  • After spending lots of time manually managing build and deployment plans, we decided to try this add-on. This has saved us a lot of time with unnecessary work in Bamboo, and provides a fast, easy and reliable way to keep the plans up to date and in sync. The documentation is good, the support is fast and professional, and have gone above and beyond answering my questions.

    Plan DSL for Bamboo, 2017, April
  • Very useful add-on, helping you to enforce practices that you define for your Bitbucket projects. The team at Mibex Software provide a great and fast support when you need it.

    Repository Templates for Bitbucket Server, 2017, March
  • This is an excellent plugin for integrating code coverage information and static analysis rules into the code review process. It's great to see our development teams enabled to be proactive about addressing these types of issues prior to merge, rather than accruing technical debt and having to come back to it later. Feedback has been positive and folks are excited to have all of this new quality data at their fingertips.

    Sonar for Bitbucket Server, 2017, May
  • Really impressed with this add-on. SonarQube is a great tool but we were using it reduce our technical debts only after the main stories are developed, when developers have nothing else to do. This add-on brings a fresh perspective to code quality by bringing in Sonar metrics right there in your pull requests. Great job.

    Sonar for Bitbucket Server, 2017, May

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