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  • Pull Request Analytics for Bitbucket

    Pull Request Analytics for Bitbucket

    Pull Request Analytics gives teams the information which pull request to tackle next to reduce the DevOps cycle. It computes the complexity of pull requests by considering aspects like the size, test existence and more. It also offers statistics about the pull request workflow to see e.g. which repositories have an insufficient average merge time, potentially due to complex and long-living pull requests.

  • Sonar for Bitbucket Server

    Sonar for Bitbucket

    Integrates SonarQube into Bitbucket Server by showing Sonar metrics, test coverage, duplicated code lines and issues in pull requests and by providing checkers to disallow merging of new code if configurable quality thresholds are exceeded. Also makes working with branches more pleasant by syncing quality profiles, project properties and more with the master project.

  • Sonar for Bamboo

    Sonar for Bamboo

    The app provides Bamboo build tasks for analyzing projects with SonarQube. It supports builds with Maven (v2+v3), Gradle, SonarQube Runner/Scanner and MSBuild/.NET Core scanner. It provides incremental scans to reduce build time by only analyzing new and changed files of a pull request. It is also able to break the build when the configured quality gates are violated.

  • Code Review Assistant for Bitbucket Server

    Code Review Assistant for Bitbucket

    Makes your code reviews more effective with Bitbucket Server. Integrates static code analysis tools into Bitbucket's pull requests. Also provides source code cross-referencing in pull requests which makes code browsing as convenient as in an IDE. Furthermore, it marks files which have been detected as bug hotspots. Finally, pull request templates allow you to configure a default description to help contributors to add the right amount of details.

  • Code Owners for Bitbucket

    Code Owners for Bitbucket

    Ensure that your pull requests get reviewed by the engineers who know the affected components best - the so called code owners. Put the rules with the components and their code owners into a text file which can be reviewed as well. Code Owners for Bitbucket also allows you to enfore reviews of code owners by dedicated merge checks.

  • Suggested Changes for Bitbucket

    Suggested Changes for Bitbucket

    Suggested Changes makes it easier to collaborate inside pull requests. A reviewer looks at a pull request and when there is room for improvement, suggests a change by leaving a pull request comment. The pull request author can then apply a suggested change by one click without the need to do the complete development lifecycle.

  • Activity Streams for Bitbucket Server

    Activity Streams for Bitbucket

    Provides activity streams in Bitbucket Server about all interesting actions on your Bitbucket Server instance like commits, comments & more on repository, project, user and server level including RSS feeds.

  • Finder for Bitbucket Server

    Commit Finder for Bitbucket

    Provides a search to find commits in Bitbucket with only a few keystrokes.

  • Suggested Changes for Bitbucket

    Include Bitbucket for Confluence

    Provides Confluence macros to include files and metadata from private and public Bitbucket repositories into a Confluence page. This allows to always have up-to-date project documentation (e.g. README.md or README.adoc), source code and config files in your Confluence pages.

  • Suggested Changes for Bitbucket

    IPython Notebook Viewer for Confluence

    The app renders IPython notebooks inside Confluence pages from page attachments and URL’s. The complete rendering is done on the client-side, thus no additional load is generated that could slow down your Confluence instance.

  • Plan DSL for Bamboo

    Plan DSL for Bamboo

    Treat your build plans as code! A Bamboo app to create and maintain your build plans with a Groovy-based DSL or YAML. Also allows you to maintain your Bamboo instance with scripts.

  • Repository Templates for Bitbucket Server

    Repository Templates for Bitbucket

    Manage your repository settings like permissions, branching model, hook settings & more centrally and this app ensures that your repositories are always consistently configured. Also allows you to define default files (e.g., README.md, LICENSE, .gitattributes) every repository should have when created.

  • Who broke it? for Bamboo

    Who broke it? for Bamboo

    A Bamboo task that can automatically run git bisect on failed builds to determine which commit broke the build.

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